We need some information about your child so we can tailor their box to their age and stage of development

Your responses to this questionnaire help us choose the best activities for your child's box. We hand pack every box which allows us to tailor them specifically to each child's age and stage of development.

Your Chid's Name

We'll personally address the box to your child

You Child's Date of Birth

This will make sure you get the most suitable box for your child

What does your child enjoy doing when they have time to themselves?

We are sometimes able to customise your child's activities based specifically on their interests

Are there areas of your child's development which you have concerns about, and if so which areas?

We can add activities which promote these areas and we can also tailor your child's activities to their current stage of development

Brainboost focuses on developing five core skills. Which of these are your child's strengths?

This allows us to pack the right developmental level activity in each box

Are there any of the five skills you particularly want to focus on developing?

Is there anything else we ought to know about your child's age and stage of development?

Let us know anything which might help us better tailor your child's box to their age and stage of development